Definitely. Usually I've discovered the clones and remakes are much better than the original game or games. There are plenty of games that have improved over time thanks to technology, new developers, fresh ideas, etc. Take Asteroids for example. In 1979 it was a pretty cool game, but compared to todays games it is pretty lame all things considered. However, in 98 or 99 Activision released an all new Asteroids game for the PC with better graphics, sounds, and music. Besides that it featured a better plot, different types of asteroids, aliens, more weapons, etc. The newer Asteroids game was far better and much more advanced than the 79 version. Who in their right mind would want the original when the newer version was much better? We could look at several other games, but your basic argument is true. When you let a developer creatively build upon an older idea what you generally get is a better product or service. A lot of companies copy off of each other all the time, but they also usually improve upon what they copy. In turn it forces the first company to up the stakes by improving upon their product or service to make it appear better than the copy and so on. Pretty soon you have a race which company can create the better product or service.

James Dietz wrote:
A lot of people on-list ask for an accessible version of "Mario" or
"Asteroids" or some other well-known game.  While some explicitly ask
for a replica of the original (yawn), I think most would be content
with something with similar gameplay.  Developers are creative by
nature, so they naturally want to spice up something like Mario with
new ideas and gameplay elements. From Montezuma's Revenge we have
Mysteries of the Ancients, while other games like Shades of Doom and
Super Liam bare obvious similarities to their old-school prototypes
but still manage to provide unique experiences (SL with cutscenes and
SOD with awesome audio atmosphere).  Heck... DynaMan is a near-exact
replica of Pacman with regenerating power pills and the ability to
create unique maps (rather than just reiterating the 4 rings over and

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