Hi Dark,
Yeah, I thought the blessed whip was a bit of a strange weapon too, but hey it's a game. Not everything has to make sense right?

Anyway, I do recall from reading the little Castlevania story included with the game Simon Belmont's chosen weapon was a leather whip called the Vampire Killer. He enters Dracula's castle, Castlevania, in order to slay Dracula. Of course before he can do that he has to fight all kinds of monsters before he reaches Dracula.

I haven't sat down and thought much about the game's story, weapons, etc but for copyright reasons obviously it won't exactly be the Castlevaniawe know. Many of the monsters will be the same, but I'll have a new hero, back story, music, and of course will draw my own level maps of the castle.

dark wrote:
funny tom, I'm actually replaying super castlevania on the snes at the moment myself (though currently I'm rather stuck on the 7th world, ---- too many blasted axe knights!).

I do hope members of the community can provide some sufficiently atmospheric music to the game, sinse that's a Snes soundtrack which has always greatly impressed me with it's diversity.

One thing though, i did always think having a whip to kill vampires with was rather an odd weapon, ----- though i suspect it was included more for the gameplay mechanics of swinging on hooks and the like than realism.

Perhaps if your redoing a similar game you could give the main character a more logical weapon, ---- such as a magic holy spear.

there are afterall well known historical archetypes of holy spears which were said to have properties against the undead such as the spear King richard used during the crusades, the lances belonging to various angels, most especially the lance of loginus, and of course the spear which was used to wound christ upon the cross.

some people may find that objectionable in a game it is true, ---- though personally I don't see it as any worse than a film such as raiders of the lost Arc or the Last crusade where Indiana Jones was trying to retrieve the holy graille.

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