Actually, the first generation of 3D games such as original doom did use the left right to turn method (one reason why audio quake has those controls), and other games like tomb rader or mario 64 use the analogue stick, --- with a short left press turning the character, and a long left hold causing them to run in the correct direction.

It's also worth remembering that audio 3D games are first person, while visual ones like resident evil are actually third person, ---- ie, you see the character on the screen and the environment around him/her, which has a profound effect on the control scheme, ---- as if everything turned with the character, you would lose the perspective of what is around them.

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I like the side-steping idea... I mean, isn't that akin to what you do in mainstream console games that are 3d? If you hold left, you don't just spin around in circles... you walk and or run in that direction. The only gae I've seen it done diferently is resident evil... and maybe the first three onimusha games.

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