Short answer, ---- yes, those features are what I use exhaustively. On the other hand audio maps I'm afraid I find just incomprehensible, ---- cool though the marauders' map in Sarah was.

Even coordinates I only tend to use as a general guideline to know if I'm in the middle or at the edge of a level, ---- or as an extra land mark feature (eg, i need to explore the turning at 8-23).

this is of course just the way i do things, ---- and other people (who do not have my spacial difficulties), may do things entirely differently.

Interestingly enough, I'll be having my mobility assessment with guide dogs on january the eighth, so I've been thinking about this (and explaining iot to the guide dogs service people), sinse I've often found myself at a loss with mobility officers who insist! upon using things like step counting or route mental mapping which my brain just won't cope with.

i remember one awful incident when learning my way around secondary school, there was a turning I needed to make. The bloody stupid mobility officer did it with me inumerable times, counting steps and being generally stupid!

I eventually asked my mum (who is also visually impared), ---- and she instantly pointed out that four feet beyond the turning was a cattle grid, ---- so all I neded to do to find it was go too far, reach the grid and turn back.

needless to say, i called the mobility officer some very colourful names after that. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Ward" <>
To: "Gamers Discussion list" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2009 8:32 PM
Subject: Re: [Audyssey] 3D navigation was: The future of Blastbay Studios

Hi Dark,
As a game developer I find your comments and suggestions most helpful. So as I understand it as long as I design my game engine a long the GMA engine, which I am, including such features as place markers, visited here before announcements, and even try my best to give each room a name you and possably others should be able to give you enough info to go on in order to play the game right?

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