hmmm well we already need dotnet for most things and directx is not to bad I 
upgrade every so often anyway.
xna can be put into the installers its small as.
I already run entombed.
Ok so the down side?
dotnet stuff in general and xna stuff takes some time to load although you have 
the advantage of incription on sounds entombed for example has their music in 
wma and their sounds in xsb and xnb sound banks which I can't open.
on the other hand most don't have the hardware and so direct sound8 is ok 
though most will need dx9c anyway for games in general.
I don't care any way.
Even though I don't have it I'd prefur that you had the support in case I 
upgrade my hardware or just for room.
I hate games where they will only run on sertain systems.
Right now for example one friend has a load of old games that don't support hd 
they work but things stutter and systems reset and things go bonkas and so 
every few days a reformat is needed, because some games don't run with the 
hardware well.
Even if you had a detection for that support in there maybe even an option to 
select the sound support.
I have good headsets I wander   if I could run full 3d like they do in shades 
of doom.
in fact I may switch to that effect just to see.
unfortunately my hd card realtech does not have the full mutherload of memmory 
the standard one has so i can't take advantage of its effects but I feel like a 
bit of dooming now you mention it.
At 07:01 p.m. 22/03/2010, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>As most of you know I've spent the last three or four months
>converting my engine code from C# .NET to C++. At last after
>three/four months of hard work the engine is almost ready to begin
>using for building Mysteries of the Ancients beta 11. The one area of
>the engine I haven't quite completed though is the sound core.
>Initially I was using FMOD Ex 4.28, which is fine, but as you may know
>that requires a special license to use in commercial products. When
>incorperated into a game engine the license costs a lot more. I really
>don't have the money right now to pay for the license so I've been
>thinking about using DirectSound 8 or XAudio2.What I'm looking for is
>some educated advice which I should use for my engine.
>On one hand I know DirectSound 8 is old, is now technically moved to
>the legacy branch of DirectX, but it also is quite stable and very
>backwards compatible with older Windows releases. Plus Windows XP,
>Vista, and Windows 7 all come with it installed so no need to upgrade
>DirectX to use it. Thus if I go with DirectSound 8 I don't have to
>install anything extra, or ask anyone to upgrade DirectX. All of these
>things are compelling reasons for choosing DirectSound 8.
>On the other hand XAudio2 looks very promising. For one thing it is a
>lot newer, is designed for Windows releases beyond Windows 7, and is
>currently being supported by Microsoft. This means going with it now
>will save me some trouble upgrading my games when the time comes that
>DirectSound is officially removed from DirectX altogether, but nobody
>knows when that will be.Too many games and other multimedia products
>depend on DirectSound to just up and drop it as Microsoft well knows.
>They probably won't drop it completely until XAudio2 has fully
>replaced DirectSound for newer games and other multimedia products. So
>the fact that XAudio2 is current doesn't necessarily mean DirectSound
>is a bad option. It just means my games will be more up to date so to
>However, as i said before there are some features that make it
>promising. For one thing I see according to the docs you can play and
>stream some compressed file types like wma and xwma. This is obviously
>a great feature as some music and ambience tracks can be quite big.
>Having support for some compressed file types makes it a good choice
>in that regard.
>Besides that XAudio2 has some improvements in DSP support and can be
>used to mix sounds for 5.1 and 7.1 sound cards which is very good
>since the fact we depend on an entire audio environment to begin with.
>The more realistic sounding the mixer is the more realistic the game's
>audio environment will be. However, even though a game may support
>such a high tech sound environment most of my customers are likely to
>be stuck with some budget sound card like a Soundmax AC-97 that
>shipped with their computer. So I'm not really certain that putting
>extra work into specifically supporting 5.1 or 7.1 mixing will do them
>a whole heck of a lot of good without the higher end hardware. If this
>is the case then Xaudio2 3d mixing won't be much better than
>DirectSound's 3d mixing if they don't have the equipment to take
>advantage of the better 3d mixing. Any thoughts here?
>Has anyone actually sat down and compared these two APIs and have a
>better list of pros and cons? More to the point which do you think I
>should pick? I can basically use either one right now, and I should be
>able to update the engine in a day or so once I figure out which to
>use for the project.
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