Hi Dark,
Well, thanks to some advice given by Davy Kager I definitely think I'm
going to give XAudio2 a try. He's been doing some experimentation and
development with XAudio2, and from what he said XAudio2 really has
some outstanding features. The one issue that really grabbed my
attention was the way XAudio2 can perform pitch changes verses the way
it is done in DirectSound.
For example, in DirectSound if you try to increase the pitch of a
car's engine sound from an idle up to a very fast speed like a
speeding car, DirectSound will eventually start to distort the sound
of the engine which is not cool. With XAudio2 you can change the pitch
of the engine up 10 octives very rapidly and not get a lick of
distortion. That's pretty impressive, and would resolve an issue I'm
having with Raceway.
Another issue David Greenwood and I were discussing on the developers
list is how 3d audio is rendered on Windows Vista and Windows 7 verses
Windows XP. When you play a game like Shades of Doom on Vista, for
example, instead of a sound coming out of your left ear it gets
positioned at a 45 degree angle off center. This obviously screws up
the audio environment completely, and I think is do to the fact
Windows Vista has a totally different sound mixer than XP, and no
longer renders 3d audio positioning the same way as earlier releases
of Windows at least with DirectSound. Neither of us are sure, but the
solution with this problem may depend on going with XAudio2 instead of
using DirectSound. After all, XAudio2 was specifically designed for
Windows Vista and later in mind, and I'm certain Microsoft would have
noticed this problem and tried to correct it with XAudio2. If so
XAudio2 would be the smart choice since I am running Windows 7 here,
and all of my games that have 3d audio environments using DirectSound
are completely screwed up and aren't rendered properly. Since 3d FPS
games are what Genesis is designed for anything that can correctly
render 3d audio environments on Windows Vista and Windows 7 hands down
is the most sensable choice.
As far as my feelings about installing dependencies goes I agree if a
customer isn't able to install required Windows updates that is tough
luck. However, as the developer of said game it often falls upon me,
through technical support services, to help them perform the updates ,
and I really would prefer not to have to hand hold new computer users
through the installation of DirectX and other Windows components if I
don't have to. Never-the-less as XAudio2 seams to be the better
solution here I consider DirectX updates a necessity to take advantage
of improved audio support. Plus as I've said before for users
switching to Windows 7 XAudio2 could be the difference between a
incorrectly rendered and a correctly rendered 3d audio environment
which makes updating DirectX worth while. So thanks to some technical
discussion on the developers list XAudio2 sounds like a better
solution all around so far.


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