Hi Shaun,
I believed I asked for an educated opinion about DirectSound verses
XAudio2, and your message is anything but educated on the subject.
First, of all I wasn't talking about the XNA Framework which is a .NET
based wrapper for the newer DirectX libraries such as XInput, XAudio,
and so on. Second, there is a difference between XAudio and XAudio2
that you probably aren't aware of. XAudio is an older library which
uses a tool called XAct to compile wav and wma files into special
soundbanks, with some default presets,   and isn't remotely
accessible. XAudio2 on the other hand is more like DirectSound where
you can load wav and wma files into sound buffers directly and allows
a developer to apply real time DSP effects and position sounds in 3d
via standard C++ code instead of requiring the use of XAct to setup
the audio environment and set default presets. Please, if you are
going to comment on a technical discussion at least research the topic
somewhat before diving in head first and talking out your backside all
the time.


On 3/22/10, shaun everiss <shau...@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> hmmm well we already need dotnet for most things and directx is not to bad I
> upgrade every so often anyway.
> xna can be put into the installers its small as.
> I already run entombed.
> Ok so the down side?
> dotnet stuff in general and xna stuff takes some time to load although you
> have the advantage of incription on sounds entombed for example has their
> music in wma and their sounds in xsb and xnb sound banks which I can't open.
> on the other hand most don't have the hardware and so direct sound8 is ok
> though most will need dx9c anyway for games in general.
> I don't care any way.
> Even though I don't have it I'd prefur that you had the support in case I
> upgrade my hardware or just for room.
> I hate games where they will only run on sertain systems.
> Right now for example one friend has a load of old games that don't support
> hd video.
> they work but things stutter and systems reset and things go bonkas and so
> every few days a reformat is needed, because some games don't run with the
> hardware well.
> Even if you had a detection for that support in there maybe even an option
> to select the sound support.
> I have good headsets I wander   if I could run full 3d like they do in
> shades of doom.
> in fact I may switch to that effect just to see.
> unfortunately my hd card realtech does not have the full mutherload of
> memmory the standard one has so i can't take advantage of its effects but I
> feel like a bit of dooming now you mention it.

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