Well Tom, I'm a litle surprised people can't follow a basic set of clear instructions, especially when it just comes down to running install wizards, and even more especially when it comes down to things which are needed for several games not just yours.

I remember when I first started playing audio games and the user accounts issue was preventing me from installing net. There were several games i COULDN'T PLAY, INCLUDINg treasurehunt and the version of final conflict you had at that stage, pluss some other game related applications which wouldn't work, ---- thus when the net issue was fixed, it freed me to do a number of things, not just play one persons' games, ---- ditto with direct X and probably even more so sinse it's a basic windows component required by other programs (I'm looking at upgrading my rather old version of power dvd at the moment so that I can use full dolby 3D sound, ---- and that will certainly take a direct X upgrade).

Thus, my reply to people not willing to install extra components, especially very standard ones like direct X would be "hard cheese!" ---- though of course sinse your also looking at selling games that requires taking into account public feeling, even when that feeling isn't particularly logical.

Then again though, the case you just described of creating unique sounds at random on the fly just reinforces my opinion (uninformed by technical knolidge as it may be), that dsaudio2 sounds like a good idea. The amount of times I've wanted different audio tocans to distinguish the same event and add variety to the sound scape of a game have been many, and the idea of having final conflict with a range of different explosion sounds which could be created without having to have a hole bunch more recorded sound files (which, as has often been said aren't easy to come by), strikes me as in fact a really fantastic thought, and well worth the inconvenience of downloading an extra upgrade which probably will be needed for a number of other things anyway.

This is of course though, very much my opinion, and it's not particularly supported by either extensive technical knowhow, or indeed too much concern for public opinion, ---- which are obviously things that must also be considdered.

Beware the grue!


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