Hi Tom.

I'm not really up on too many of the technical differences, but reading your message sseveral thoughts did occur to me.

First, why worry about people having to upgrade direct X? ---- myself I'm quite willing to install several versions of net framework and direct X upgrades for games, and really they don't cause problems, and if someone is too lazy to download another file, ---- well more fool them, and it isn't as if your asking them to install an entire environment such as python or java.

Second, pre-xp windows really won't even support modern net brousing. My dad currently is using my old windows 98 laptop (which has a dead battery system, a not very functional fan, but may be used on mains power for short periods), and keeps phoning me to ask how to view standard web pages sinse a lot of display features just aren't supported in windows 98.

I really therefore wouldn't be concerned about compatibility that! far backwards. While I myself will continue to use xp for now, ---- when it gets to the stage that I can't brouse the internet with it, I'll upgrade.

Third, If I understood you correctly on the 3D sound aspects, Dsaudio will support cards with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, where as direct sound won't, but both would sound the same on a bog standard sterrio sound card.

Given that some people will! have such systems, or might considder upgrading to such systems in the future, I really don't see why they shouldn't get the bennifit of better equipment if they have it. If it was a question of supporting one or the other, ---- well obviously you go with what most people are likely to have, however if it's a question of supporting both, or only supporting sterrio, I don't really see the issue in supporting both.

ffourth, preempting tinkering with upgrading your games in future is good, ---- look at the vista debate which has already happened. Obviously if your games will run on windows 8 as well, in five years or so when people are switching to that, it will save hastle.

fifth, from what you say dsaudio sounds like a technically better system, --- -i certainly see the value of using compressed formats such as wma rather than having everything in wav. I'd hate to see a situation where you considdered limiting sounds in a game because of size of download, so, why not go for compression.

I hope this random rambling is useful. As I said, this is just my thoughts based on your message, --- and I can't claime any tecnical expertees in the area of sound programming, but there were features you mentioned which seemed to make a difference to the user, ---- hence my comments.

Beware the grue!


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