I have two thoughts on the financial end.

Firstly, as you said yourself, games like Sryth began free, then went into subscription.

If the game was created in such a way as to be expandable, with downloadable content, then people could pay a constant subscription rather than one lump some payment. Pluss, then people can be assured of new stuff.

I would also point out that 5 dollars a month for a year, in which new content was being produced is far better for everyone concerned, than 35 dollars for a stand alone game which gamers might be finished with in a month or so.

We get a longer game, you get more cash, ---- everybody wins!

of course, expantion isn't the only option. you might for instance sell the game in packs, ---- say $10 per thousand sections, stil, this would have the same effect,of having a progressive game which provides us with more content over time, and provides you with a steadier source of income.

Look at Entombed. 40 usd from everyone for the stand alone game, then another 14 usd for the dungeon creator when it's released, ---- again, we pay more than we would have for a stand alone game, but we get more too, ---- pluss I'll be willing to bet that any other expantions Jason releases using the Entombed's basic engine and system will not be free ---- though we'll be quite willing to pay (or at least I certainly will).

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