Hi Dark,
That's exactly what i don't want. I really honestly hate the modern
console rpg games, with a passion because after you get passed all the
cool sounds and graphics all you are doing is walking around  picking
up items, talking to npc characters, and a few battles here and there.
 I can't get into any sort of real time rpg game for that reason.
Frankly, I think they suck big time.
Then again, I use to love games like the old Infocom type games where
I typed commands and got textual descriptions of everything in the
game I was playing. Sounds and music are alright, but aren't necessary
in my opinion.  As a result I'm beginning to feel like an old fart
when it comes to rpg games. I hear about how Final Fantasy etc is
absolutely great, my sighted friends love it, and mean while I am
thinking to myself how much I totaly, absolutely, and utterally hate
it under my breath. Oh, I like the music etc, but that game itself
holds no particular interest for me at all.  that's pretty much what
happened with Entombed. The first week or two I played it, but after a
while i grew extremely board with it and I find it very very boring.
Guess it isn't my cup of tea.
What I tend to like are games like Sryth before all the stat grinding
and replayable adventures got introduced into the game.  I use to play
that game for hours upon hours without stopping, and loved it because
of the depth of the stories, and how I felt like I was connected to
the story and characters I encountered through game play. It didn't
have sounds or music, but it captured my focus and attention so
completely I couldn't quit. Now, though the author is adding to many
ways to just stat grind, and offers items designed for people who are
super human with skill points and armour far beyond what I've ever
obtained, or let myself obtain as I often restarted chars just to go
through it all again. I'd like to see something like that only in a
simple downloadable pacckage.


On 5/5/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Sorry to be picky Thomas, but strictly speaking that distinction is a litle
> blurry when applied to rpg games.
> In it's interface, ---- if not it's setting or mechanics, entombed is very
> much the same style as the modern standard of console rpgs.
> You wander around in real time, pick up objects, talk to characters etc,
> then a battle starts, and you enter turn based combat betwene your party and
> the monster party.
> Just to confuse things even further, there are some ascii roguelike display
> rpgs with all the trimmings, ---- namely Adom, even though they use very
> much the same sort of interface as something like nethack, and much of the
> landscape is determined at random, ---- even though there are fixed quests
> etc.
> Jason has actually said that one thing he'd eventually like to do is get
> entombed out of the dungeon. It's possible, now that the engine and core
> mechanics are set up, an entombed game with more plot, meaningful quests and
> number of settings and environments might be forthcoming in future, ----
> it's even possible something like that might be doable with the dungeon
> creator eventually.
> This isn't saying text based rpg games aren't a good thing, ---- just a note
> that the boundaries aren't quite so clear cut, and indeed hopefully Entombed
> will eventually cross them.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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