Hi Dark,
Oh, that could be. As I said my experience with Final Fantasy was
early on in the game's history, and by the time it got better I
couldn't play it so could never get into it like everyone else could.
By the time Final Fantasy 7 came along I was already getting into text
adventures etc and loving them more than the big budget rpg games like
Final Fantasy.
As far as the Xenogears novelization goes I wasn't talking about your
work at all. I was actually talking about the professionally written
novelization of the Xenogears game/games. If you haven't read them
then they are indeed a good read. As I said as a story goes they were
pretty good, and I can like the books and the fan fiction while not
getting into the game too much.


On 5/5/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> I have in fairness heard people say it wasn't until the Snes that the final
> fantasy series really took off plot wise, ---- in fact that from all the
> plots of early games I've seen, the limitations of the power of the machines
> basically meant they had as much plot as the average roguelike.
> i remember once my brother briefly playing nes zelda, I saw the introduction
> text and said "the evil wizard gannon has knicked off with the princess and
> the tryforce, --- you must go through innumerable dungeons to stop him!"
> My brothers' comment was "wow! you read that screen really well!" ;D.
> It was probably the time when I grew up, considdering my brother was an rpg
> freak, and ff7 was released when i was 14 in 1996, but it's the genre of
> games I've most wanted to play for the exploration of world, it's characters
> and back story, the chance to just wander around freely.
> In fact, when I've finished my phd, I am seriously considdering learning
> sufficient amounts of programming to create my own text rpg, ---- though
> sinse this will probably take tuition and certainly will take time (judging
> my bgt experiments that's fairly certain), i can't do that and! write a
> seventy thousand word thesis without dying!
> Btw, please ignore the Xenogears novelization. It was really a training for
> me in how to write, and there's so much of it I now want to change it's
> unbelieveable! I stil love the plot, ---- but not quite enough to read
> through about a thousand odd pages of my own drivel to fix it, ---- much
> less write the other several thousand pages it'd take to actually finish the
> damnable thing!
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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