While I appreciate your frustration, I think your assessment that no developement is being done is, ---- well just plane wrong.

Even in the five years that I've been playing audio games, I've noticed a change, larger and more complex games, games with online competition, and games with user created content.

As technology improves in developement, so the games will improve, just at a slower wrate than mainstream ones.

For a truer comparison, try looking around at some of the independently produced pc games, ---- look at the Smugglers series for instance, same number of devs and amount of resources.

and, as for suggestions, well I do have several, ---- but they're mostly being taken into considderation already.

The first, is user created content. level editers, sound editers etc. while these are harder to produce, they don't half expand the game. For a look at what effect they can have look at Jim's golf game.

Many games though, are now doing this extremely, entombed, Rail Racer, time of conflict sound rts etc.

If for example shades of doom had an easily usable level creator which would let you set where the monsters appeared, and make new monsters and items for the game, ---- well we'd probably see a good few expantions.

The second thought I have on expantion, is randomness. the more monsters etc are just placed in one place, the less replay a game has.

A brilliant example of this is Q9. A simple arcade style game, but you never know where the monsters will appear, thus making it very fresh to play each time, ---- ditto with tom's game.

Another suggestion I have is exploration (especially when combined with randomness as in entombed). The more area in a game you need to explore, the longer it'll take you to finish.

A final thought is using the online play we have. Afterall, Toc will be far more interesting when it's possible to play against a number of humans than against the computer. This might not be super fast voice chat, ---- but it does the job, and provides a varied playing experience, particularly in games like stratogy games where there is considderable variation in a players' possible actions.

Luckily though, these are all trends which are actually being expanded upon anyway, and probably will continue to be in the future.

Beware the grue!


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