Hi Yohandy,
Understood. No offense taken. I merely wanted to give my point of view
from that of an accessible game developer doing his best to pproduce
something a cut or two above the rest. to make a real difference here.
Remember I'm just as anoyed, frustrated, and upset as you are that I
can't play mainstream games like I once did when I was sighted.
For example, I happen to have a Play Station 2 sitting over by my tv
with a number of comercial mainstream games I baught for it such as
Xena Warrior Princess, several of the Tomb Raider games, and a couple
of Star Wars games as well. I also happen to have Star Trek Elite
Force 1 and 2 as well As Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, and
Underworld installed on my PC. While I like those games a lot it
really upsets me to no end that I payed good money for those games and
get minimal accessibility out of them. If my wife doesn't help me
through the games I can't play them. So I totally understand what you
are going through.
It is because of my experience with mainstream games that I know the
difference and know exactly what we are missing here. I began work on
my Genesis 3D Engine as I wanted to create something as accessible as
the GMA Engine, but with more mainstream features. One thing I happen
to have planned is eventually the Genesis Engine will be supporting
Microsoft's XAudio2 library for Windows Vista/7 which has some ruly
amazing audio support. I'm merely waiting on PB Streemway to support
it which I know is coming in the not too distant future. That right
there will have a slight advantage over the GMA Engine which currently
still uses DirectSound.
Another feature I'm working on behind the seens is support for XBox
360 controllers with full force feedback support. I hope to support
the mouse, and other gaming devices as well. When it comes to input
the Genesis Engine will be right up there with mainstream titles
Of all of its features I think the fact I have written it in C++ is
the most important. Do to the fact the way it is being written it uses
standard Windows components, libraries, and dependencies. That way it
will not only be easier to maintain and support games for newer
Windows platforms as they become available, but they will have a much
smaller size/footprint. In fact, all of the sounds in MOTA beta 13
uses ogg compression which means I have cut the size of the
installation directory in half. Not to mention the installer itself.
Then, thanks to Philip Bennefall, I'm strongly considering on
replacing the engine's scripting language with Angelscript. Those
familiar with BGT will be quite familiar with Angelscript as that is
what BGT uses and it is an awesome scripting language. So that is
another feature to look forward to in the future.
When you come down to it my plans for the future are already quite
high. Definitely not going to be producing another Troopenum or
similar Space Invaders knock-off. When my engine is ready to go I
should be putting out games similar to Elite Force, Tomb Raider, Halo,
Soldiers of Fortune, Resident Evil, whatever. They might not be quite
as good as modern mainstream games,but of a higher standard and
quality than what we have seen in the past for accessible games.


When you begin making millions look me up.

On 5/28/10, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thomas,
> DO you truly believe if I thought your work was worthless I would've
> preordered the game? Heck man I can't wait for the game to be released and
> finally play the entire thing! I wasn't referring personally to you or any
> other accessible game dev, I was simply stating that we're behind when it
> comes to the mainstream market and it's disappointing. I never said that you
> guys must create games due to my specifications. TO be honest with you I'm
> just so frustrated with the whole issue. you at least got to play many of
> these mainstream games, but an individual that's been blind since birth has
> to stick with certain gaming genres. I can't just go and buy Grand theft
> auto games and start playing them immediately. perhaps this limitation on
> the mainstream games we can play is what really frustrates me, and the fact
> that I'll probably never get to play these games. I hear people talking
> about the latest and greatest games that come out every day, and I can't
> help but get a bit jealous of the whole thing. I know you guys are doing the
> best you can, and if I gave the wrong impression I apologize. Oh and Thomas?
> Don't worry, if I ever become rich I shall pay you a yearly salary and you
> can make those games for me. How does that sound? hahahaha.

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