As I said before, first we gotta change the law. second, decide on a standard for audio game programming. third, make a good solid game company, made of multiple people, assigned their own task or tasks to make game creation more effective. perhaps collaborate through skype and dropbox. next change the law so games in a specialised format for people with disabilities may include sounds story lines plots music and characters from video games as longg as the game is in a specialised format for people who are blind visually impaired or similar disability that prevents them from playing that brand new accessible video game console. now, when the company has enough money, the company should save some. now use that money to develop your own game console, or take a standard console, re-flash and modify it for accessibility by disabled people. now go to game conventions and show off your new game console. eventually my brother and sister's generation, and even my generation will get old, lose eye-sight, and won't be able to play their favorite video games. so lets make a kind of national library or international library service nls for video games in specialised format. Sorry guys I'm not a programmer, just putting out ideas. now to make a great game, lets compare it to a book. a sighted person can go out and read a harry potter book, get it in print, I can sit down beside that person with my audio book or braille book from nls and read it, talk about and enjoy it along with my sighted friend. so lets incorporate that into games. first, lets put games on instead lets put them on blueray disks, lots of space, or maybe 32gig flash drives, read only flash memory. lots of room there to store data. when a blind person wants to play a game with his or her sighted friend, the person plugs headphones in, the game turns on accessibility mode when the console detects headphones plugged in. Point is we can't have one guy here and another there trying to do it on their own. a company, an organised company has to be started with both short and longterm goals. laws gotta be changed so we can make and sell good high quality games, we gotta take our games to the conventions and really mount a presence there. weneed the nfb and ACB both involved in this. who cares if you like them or hate them point is they're a big big organizations and they can help!
but will they?


Josh Kennedy jkenn...@gmail.com

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