Hi Dark,
Agreed. If we have to compare audio games to something let us try and
compare them to the small independant mainstream game market for the
PC. Although, it might be challenging it is at least something a one
to three man operation can achieve realistically. Those small
companies aren't trying to beat out Capcom or Nintendo, and neither
should we.
If we have to use Nintendo or somebody as a standard then let's aim
for the quality and standards of say the Super NES era. While old by
mainstream standards it would be extremely high considering the
majority of accessible games. there is nothing wrong with games like
Super Donkey Kong, Super Castlevania, Megaman, and other games of that
era. Even now I find games like that enjoyable, and my wife and son
enjoy them too.  Just because something is old and isn't the latest
and greatest doesn't make it necessarily bad.
As you mentioned yourself Chess is very old, but is still one of the
most enjoyable board games around. The rules haven't changed in 800
years or something like that. Should we now decide that it is old and
add new pieces, create a larger board, change the rules, etc just
because it hasn't been updated in so long? Of course not.
Same holds true for vidio games. Just because Super Castlevania is old
doesn't mean it is necessarily bad. It is true that it can't quite
compare to newer encarnations like the later roll playing Castlevania
games, but it still deserves to be considered a good game in its own
right. Judge it for the quality it is rather than trying to judge it
soully on what it lacks compared to modern games.


On 5/28/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Again Josh, who! is going to do all this?
> Changing the law is a long and complex pprocess, and as I said, is dmnably
> difficult when someone with big big money has a vested interest in the law
> being otherwise.
> Then, "just get" ppeople toc ollaborate in that way on a game is, as Tom
> ward said, far easier said than done.
> if you have the odd 500 k dollars floating around you might employ a bunch
> of developers for a couple of years who will work full time, get enough
> resources in terms of sound libraries, necessary third party developement
> components etc, and perhaps come up with a game of similar quality to sf 4
> etc.
> As for the modification of a console, ---- see the above mentioning of law,
> then apply the word license, ditto with publicity, ---- heck, i can't even
> raise the thousand pounds or so it'd take for me to go to the site village
> exhibition as a representative of audiogames.net
> This is why I strongly suggest that people, instead of considdering audio
> games comapred to the mainstream console markit, considder the independently
> produced pc games which have been built with similar amounts of resources,
> time and man power.
> yes, audio games are stil behind in this respect, but the gap is
> changing, ---- especially with games like time of conflict, rail racer and
> entombed, and establishing a core of highly playable pc games with replay,
> expantion and variety is I think a far more realistic aime than trying to
> beat sony or nintendo.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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