Hi Dave,

Just on the text books front, to be honest as someone writing a phd thesis, unless you actually made it illegal to publish any material in a inaccessible form, there really isn't much you can do about keeping up with academic writing.

This is partly because most academic research goes on through jernals, ---- of which there are literally hundreds, and partly because some subjects actually change so rapidly that old books are useless.

Some of the books my brother bought for his degree in law were rapidly obsolete in five years, --- because quite simply laws had changed, new cases and pressidents had occurred sinse they were first written!

Then, in terms of research, it's actually necessary to flick through a vast amount of material, use key word searches, and be able to skim read a chapter of a book.

This is why, academic research is one of the few things I do where I actually employ another person, not merely to read material on to my digital recorder, but also to go into the library, and be able to skim read books quickly for me, ---- it's also of course necessary that said person knows what they are doing and are intelligent enough for me to explain the point of my work to them so that they can help determine what material is relivant.

Getting back to games though, I actually suspect the issue of game access will eventually become a civil and legal matter, but only in about 2030 or so, when all of the serious gamers who grew up in the 1970's and 80's start becoming old enough to lose their vision.

Until then though, it's sadly a minority interest of a mintority group, ---- sinse the majority of blind people are over 60, and don't tend to have an interest in gaming.

This is also, interestingly enough, I believe, why there is far more adaptation and perceived need for adaptation to gamers who are def or motion impared than the visually impared or blind, for example, take the doom 3 close captioning project, which provided sub titles for deaf players of doom 3.

Beware the grue!


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