Hi Phil,
Yeah, those are used too sometimes. I think in Tomb Raider, if I
remember correctly, the shift+control+down arrow combo causes Lara to
do a reverse safety drop. Basicly, what that is is she turns around,
grabs hold of a ledge or something, and then drops to the ground. Of
course, not every mainstream game has this feature, but it is a
frequently used one in the Tomb Raider series.
As for the automatic walking feature in Sarah I absolutely hate that
feature with a passion that's why I have a custom keyboard.ini file
that reverses the control+arrow key combo with the standard arrow keys
That way the game operates the way I think it should rather than the
default setup.
Anyway, I guess what I was getting at is that some of us would like to
manually do things instead of having it automatically done for you.
For me it gives a little more challenge/fun to the game if you have to
manually raise the end of the broom to shoot over the care taker's
head rather than the game assuming that's what you want to do anyway
and do it for you automatically
Its  kind of like in Tank Commander where you can set the autorange
finder on so it automatically sets the range of the barrel, but
that's kind of no fun for me. I like leaving it off and sight the
barrel myself using the home and end keys. Makes it more fun and a
little more challenging some how.


On 6/25/10, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Yeah when Sarah is on her broom, she can not fly up or down. I assume she
> automatically flies over the caretaker's head as that is most logical.
> It is like the automatic walking feature with up arrow. I logically assume
> that if she is walking forward, then she probably will continue to do so
> rather than forcing the player to make each step with the up arrow key.
> I do include control up arrow if you wish to manually walk forward.
> One key combination you did not talk about in your description of movement
> in a modern game was holding down both control and shift keys for certain
> movements.
> You could also use the insert key. as when Jaws is turned off  will free up
> this key.
> Phil

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