Hi Tiffany,

Well, if you are serious about writing your own games there are
definitely a couple of routes you can take.

If you don't mind purchasing an accessible game engine like BGT Philip
Bennefall has been developing a general purpose game engine for the VI
community called BGT. The nice thing about BGT is that he has used an
off the shelf scripting language such as Angelscript and wrapped it
around a C++ engine that supports Microsoft Sapi, DirectX, etc
allowing you to focus on programming your games without worrying about
all the really low-level programming like handling things like audio,
input, and TTS support from scratch. For a totally new programmer BGT
is the best way to go if you are looking at any sort of introduction
to programming accessible games.

However, if you are interested in a general purpose programming
language like C++, Python, or Java and don't mind learning the nuts
and bolts of programming games from scratch there is an online
programming service I use
that is a commercial programming resource with hundreds of e-books on
anything and everything under the sun. If you pay for a subscription
for the Safari service you can litterally go from a self-taught
beginner to advanced programmer in a fairly short amount of time, and
unlike a classroom environment you can go at your own pace.


On 12/15/10, Tiffany Kim <tiffanyki...@gmail.com> wrote:
> To receive no response from the company except when you suggest that
> they make their games abandonware is a pretty sorry state indeed.  I
> did locate an E-mail address when I clicked on the Paypal link, but I
> wouldn't want to buy the games without knowing the address was a valid
> one.  For kicks and giggles, I'll write to it and see if I get a
> bounce or response, but I won't keep my hopes up.  Apparently, at the
> UK site that was recommended, the games are 30 pounds apiece.  I'm in
> the US and don't know the conversion rate, but from what everyone has
> been saying, I'd be better off using that money to take a
> correspondence course on programming so I could try developing my own
> games, lol.  Learning how to do something like that has been on my
> to-do list.  Does anyone know where I can go to get started?  Might be
> a project I undertake next year!

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