Hi Bryan,

Yes, Startropics was an extremely good game for the NES. Besides the
above things you mentioned I liked the fact that buttons to unlock
doors, chests, etc were hidden. You actually had to jump on a certain
platform in order to get that particular button to appear, jump on the
button, and then the door or chest would open letting you through.
Sometimes it wasn't obvious where to jump to get those hidden buttons
to appear. Then, there was a little bit of everything when it came to
enemies. There were blob like creatures that looked like giant jelly
fish, undead pirates, ghosts, mummy looking things, giant rats, and so
on. You had weapons ranging from a yoyo to super lasers. In a way the
game was pretty strange, but a cool kind of strainge. It was great fun
that's for sure.

On 2/10/11, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> I never was a Megaman fan when I was young, not until I became a teenager,
> then I tried to find copies of all the NES games. I only managed to get the
> first one courtesy of a friend. But I'd love to see a version of Megaman,
> Castlevania, StarTropics or even Crystalis made accessible. StarTropics was
> fairly linear but there still managed to be a fair amount of exploration not
> to mention some fun/frustrating traps to avoid in some of the dungeons, like
> pits full of spikes to arrows sooting out of the wall, to a couple
> earthquake rooms where the floor would collapse and you had to jump across
> to safe ground, even a few coridors with giant bowling balls that rolled
> back and forth and would kill you instantly if they touched you. And the
> storyline was pretty good, not to mention the music.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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