As I said, the first person I heard use this term was Che, so I actually always took it as a rather fun phrase more than anything else, ---- the way on the audeasy site in the news I've sometimes had things like "persons lacking in visibility" or "photonicly disadvantaged"

This was actually something I noticed about my rather disasterous couple of years at a specialist school, they totally disliked the word blind in any context, even when it didn't refer to vision at all.

Actually I think this had the opposite effect to what they intended, it incouraged blind and vi people to be sensative to group identity and develope a "us vs them" mentality, rather than just treating blindness as just another physical characteristic, --- albeit one with distinct effects upon the rest of life.

This is one reason i tend to tell people I am a person who happens to be blind, not "a blind person"

Anyway before I go off into a long wrant about the origins of prejudice I think I'll stop.

Hmmm, I began watching babylon 5 tonight from the start again (I last watched it five years ago), obviously all that touchy inter species politics is getting to me ;D.

Beware the grue!


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