Hi Damien,

Oh, I see. That makes sense. It does help to know the technical
language being used. Otherwise whatever you are reading about doesn't
make any sense at all.

However, there are mailing lists etc for creative writers I've found
helpful over the years. There are some people on those forums/lists
that are good researchers, can look up information like this, and then
explain it in down to earth fassion that a newby might be able to
understand. Although, I haven't used those lists in a long time I
remember having a discussion on one of those lists about the
possibility of FTL, AKA  faster than light, drive systems for
starships. Although, I've had some college level physics I'm no expert
on quantom mechanics and lack the necessary mathematical skills to
even consider talking about this stuff compitently. However, we got
into some basic ideas like some sort of tachion drive system that
would be FTL, but not something as fast as warp speed. Since tachions
are the only thing we know that can move faster than light it makes
for a good interesting discussion for a science fiction game that uses
 a faster than light drive system, but at least has some basis in
known physics. Make sense?

So maybe the answer for you is if you aren't sure about a topic go to
Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and hunt around for a creative writing
mailing list where ou can post questions of a technical nature and
have people either help research or explain things so you can use them
more effectively in a game. It really helps to bounce ideas off
another person anyway as they'll often see problems and  other things
you missed in drafting your game idea. All authors do this to a
certain point, and most authors locate technical advisers to read over
what they have written and see if it jives with what they know.


On 3/18/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> In actual fact I did try to do a bit of research on different weaponry, but
> it tends to use a lot of jargon, especially for beginners, on subjects. It
> seems to all be written from an expert's point of view without considering
> the experience or knowledge of other less experienced researchers who are
> researching something without any prior knowledge whatsoever on the subject.
> I find that I can only really carry out research on things I do know a bit
> about before I can even begin to understand it properly.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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