Hi Harmony,

In my baseball game the pitch of the ball sound depicts the speed and height of 
the ball.  You know, below the knees, above the belt, or in between.  And the 
panning of the ball sound depicts the ball traveling from the mound to and over 
home plate.

In Homer on a Harley the panning of the crowd sound shows you how close you are 
to either the left or right garde rail as you drive your Harley around the oval 
track.  Then you must center Maggie's car horn to line up on the ramp to make 
your jump.  It is the same thing in Mach 1 as you drive the different race 
tracks.  How ever in Mach 1 there is a key that will report your left right 
position on the track.  Guess that I could have done that for Homer on a Harley 
as well.

In Pong the pitch of the ball sound depicts the speed of the ball.  The volume 
of the ball sound depicts the ball moving away from and back at you.  The 
panning of the sound depicts it's left right position, and you must move your 
paddle to that same position to hit the ball.  The ball in Pong has always sped 
up the more successful volleys.  Otherwise a single volley could last forever.

In Puppy 1 the pitch of the airplane engine sound and the wind sound depicts 
whether the enemy is above or below you, and the panning depicts if the enemy 
is to the left or right of you.  There is a key that will report the same thing.

In Spanker the entire thing of the game is to listen for if the person says 
"Hi" in the left, right or middle and then to press the appropriate arrow key.  
It is an adult version of a Bop It style game.

In Triple J Shooter the entire thing of the game is to move the breathing sound 
to the same left right position of where the woman stopped walking and at the 
same time move up and down adjusting the pitch of the breathing sound to the 
same pitch position of what the woman did during her walk.

So I think, like you said, in some games the pitch or even a key to announce 
the position can work, but in other games, maybe not so much.



I've got a picture of a pitcher drinking from a pitcher.

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