Hi Jeremy,

True, but people could just as easily argue the point that you aren't
even properly supporting the technology that exists here and now let
alone what comes next. I'm not out to change your mind, but simply
state my position on this issue which is simply this.

The current Windows operating system is Windows 7 and anyone who is
going to buy a new computer today will likely buy Windows 7 as part of
their new PC. As a result Visual Basic 6 is not natively supported on
that system nor is DirectX 7. You are asking that user to install and
configure a bunch of extra old outdated libraries to play your games,
that are not officially supported, when you could just as easily
switch to something like .Net and have all of your software up to
date. It doesn't make any practical sense to me why you would want to
stick with Windows 98 era programming languages, tools, and
development libraries when you could be spending that time
constructively developing games and applications for Windows 7 and
beyond using current technology.

That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the work you are doing.  Far from
it. I think some of the games you are writing are revolutionary, very
interesting, and definitely is a switch from the same old thing we
often see here. It just seems a shame you have decided for whatever
reason to ignore the fact that you are building these great games
using outdated technology when you could just as easily be looking
ahead at what technology most developers are using now.


On 6/7/11, Jeremy Kaldobsky <jer...@kaldobsky.com> wrote:
> If we all focused on what the next operating system will be, what the next
> popular devices will be, or what the next popular programming language will
> be, it would take 10 times longer to produce any games.  I think there are
> enough examples of this exact thought process to prove my point.  We do!
> need some people to be thinking that way, but you also need people who worry
> more about here and now.

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