Thomas, after more than one of my responses to this subject, people have told 
me I was overly sensitive.  That being said, what on earth has made your advice 
so important to you, that you seem incapable, or just unwilling, to give it up? 
 Over and over you have stated your thoughts about what I Should be doing 
differently, and even though I have taken the time to acknowledge you and 
explain I will stay my chosen course, this same advice is continually brought 
up and rammed down my throat.  I hope you aren't this pushy in everyday life!  
If you believe someone should choose paper, over plastic, at the grocery store 
do you follow them through the parking lot lecturing them until their car door 
closes in your face?  If my decision was your business, I would understand 
better, but my God, this has gone far over the line of what is acceptable.

You have asked for specific reasons so that you might better understand why I 
am doing things how I am, but honestly I'm so annoyed at this point, I don't 
even care to humor you.  Why, this far into being badgered, would I care if you 
better understand my side?  Should I feel compelled to explain myself more just 
so I can sleep at night, knowing Thomas finally accepts the direction I'm 
going?  Sorry to seem rude, but I couldn't give a flying rats behind if anyone 
else agrees with how I choose to do things.  As of this moment, I'm not 
dignifying this subject with any more of my time.  If you don't like how I do 
things, don't play my games.

Following this, my final post on this subject, many people will write me off as 
being upset over nothing.  For those people, go back and read every message 
ever sent to me about writing games in VB6, the sheer number of the same people 
pushing themselves on to me, might help you understand my position.  I am a 
pretty patient man, but I'm done with this.

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