Hi Willem,

Yes, I've read something similar to that. We are definitely in a
transitional period from the 32-bit world of the Pentium processor to
things like the AMD64 as well as the arm processors expected to ship
in the next gen netbooks. I don't want it to sound like an attack, but
Jeremy and others who are basing their games on VB 6 are setting
themselves up for some serious technical problems as we, I.E. the
community as a whole, move away from the Windows 98 era languages,
libraries, and 32-bit processors.

Also as you mentioned there seems to be splintering going on in terms
of what operating systems the blind users are using. For the moment
Windows still has the majority, but I've seen both the blind Linux and
Mac OS communities slowly growing too.  I foresee a day when a
developer will have to use Python, Java, or some other cross-platform
language to produce games simply because Mac and Linux will have
substantial markets that could be of interest to a game developer. Is
this speculation?

Yes, but its certainly something to look at. Its something we need to
think about, perhaps prepare for, rather than wait until its upon us
and then begin dealing with it. Hopefully, people can understand our
point of view rather than seeing it as an attack.


On 6/9/11, Willem Venter <dwill...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jeremy.
> While I can see you feel very strongly about this, my question was not
> meant as an attack. Instead I think we as a community should come up
> with a solution. I just read an article where some companies project
> that at least 40% of all netbooks will have arm processors at the end
> of next year. As netbooks are a cheep form of computing, I can see
> many blind gamers going that route. The majority of audiogames will be
> affected, as they use older technology from microsoft which they don't
> seem interested in updating for arm. These games include Jim Kitchen's
> games, GMA, LWorks and many fun games like BSC games that are no
> longer developed actively.
> Many gamers are also moving to other platforms like linux, as the cost
> and restrictions related to windows software is becoming prohibitive.

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