Good point Darren.  Actually I planned to add more artwork to castaways, but 
even with the super limited graphics already present, it is pretty playable 
from a sighted perspective.  I can play an entire game of castaways, without 
needing the screen reader, and in fact I usually do leave the screen reader off 
and just play it visually.  If any sighted family or friends, see you playing 
and mention that the graphics are incredibly simple, remember that adding 
artwork is pretty much my last priority while making an audio game haha.  I 
have done some pretty good graphical games in my past, so if it came down to 
trying to merge the blind and sighted communities, I'm sure I could do it.

Since I'm not selling my games, there is not much of an incentive to go after 
the mainstream gamers with these audio games.  Once we are talking about a 
multiplayer game, then it starts to make more sense, because we could use the 
extra players.  My work might start leaning in that direction as I expand the 

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