Richard, I am completely behind you on this!  Well written, and I was 
personally surprised when I started seeing the messages changing in Thomas' 
favor on this.  Whether intentional, or not, the extra drama put into his last 
post seems to have blinded people from what was really going on.  If Thomas was 
being harassed off-list, by people expecting his games to be finished, then 
that is very unfortunate, but also totally unrelated to any of what has just 
happened between him and Che.

I think people are taking sides, because they aren't paying attention to what 
the issue has been.  I'll give an example, that will hopefully illustrate the 
point I am trying to make.  If my neighbor was a racist, and he was unjustly 
hurtful to people, it would be wrong of me to stand by his side if one of those 
people started to argue with him.  Even though he was never mean to me, I have 
to look at the current situation, and admit that he Was! doing wrong to that 
person, or group of people.  When people take Thomas' side on this, because he 
was wrote helpful posts, because he worked on games they enjoy, or because he 
is a nice person, then they are making this very same mistake.  This argument 
is a result of how he speaks to other programmers, so if you are not one, you 
can't use the fact that he was kind to you as defense for his actions.

Excuses have been made, that Thomas is simply misunderstood, but I doubt that 
is the case most of the time.  Before I Ever! had any personal dealings with 
Thomas, I read posts where he clearly put down other developers, and made 
himself seem like their superior.  I had seen this done to other people, and 
eventually I stepped in to defend someone who I felt was being treated 
especially bad by Thomas.  I can't remember who it was now, but at the time 
they were so fed up with his posts, that they were considering giving up 
programming altogether.  By stepping in to the conversation, I became a target 
myself, and I had Thomas criticizing how I do things.  He wouldn't stop posting 
more, so eventually I told him off, and vowed never to argue with him about 
programming languages again!

Since that time, I've seen him poke at a few other people, but as soon as the 
castaways game started to get popular, there was Thomas, posting a huge put 
down of my methods, for no reason whatsoever.  Many of you probably remember 
it, as it was not posted long ago.  There was no reason to post anything about 
programming languages, but Thomas decided to go off on a familiar rant, 
presumably to point out that my game's success wasn't as deserving because it 
was not done his way.  Several people openly posted about how inappropriate he 
was with his negative comments.

Like it or not, Thomas seems to believe that he is better than many other 
developers around here.  Instead of letting people do things their own way, he 
insists on pressuring others do follow in his footsteps, and won't stop even if 
you tell him you are happy with your own choice.

Please keep this in mind before you take sides.  Be fair, and remember that 
even if someone wasn't bothering You! personally, it doesn't mean he/she wasn't 
bothering other people in an unfair way.  Sorry if people don't agree with me, 
but that is how I see it.

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