Hi Tom.

well I must admit I saw the green slime first, but the blood did look better when i found a utube clip of world 8.

I think next to the final level going up the tower world 8 was the one I was stuck on for the longest time when i started the game. Crushing spikes, instant kill axes, those falling spears and that evil randomly appearing bridge as well as lots of very well placed enemies like those bone pillars and evil eyes, it's a beast!

Low vision wise, not everything in castlevania is perfect, those bats and small flying enemies were usually very dark, which was decidedly annoying.

Super castlevania is actually a good model for an audio game, sinse like Mega man x and Turrican 3, it is based on having a few larger, well placed enemies rather than filling up the screen the way nes megaman and original turrican did, I don't think there are too many bits where you have more than four enemeies attacking at once, but it was where they were positioned that made the difference like sticking those bone pillars just where you had to jump and they could shoot you out of the air.

Given some sounds for enemies and fireballs to dodge, and an indicator for ledges above or below that you could jump or drop to, I think something in the style of castlevania would work very well.

The other advantage of doing a remake of course, is also arming your hero with something more appropriate for killing vampires than a whip, ---- I could never! get that one.

A sharpened holy lance would be my first choice, though a sword or axe wouldn't be better, but who ever heard of smacking dracular to death with a big heavy ball and chain?

Beware the grue!


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