Hi Thomas,
while I haven't played the original Montezuma's Revenge, I had no problems with your version in that field. But there is something I still am wondering about audio games in general, and it is here meanth as a question of game ideas and/or genre, not the programming side.
Even I know some things about mainstream games.
But I personally think that the community in general could need a broader spectrum of games. Text adventures and such were probably not meant for the blind in their first hours (infocom).
But let me look at what types of games we have now.
We have some 3d audio games like Shades of doom. Then we have some sidescrollers, some arcade games and puzzle games and classical (e.g. card games). But I wonder why we don't have more rpg like games. I mean, we have entombed, but we have nothing similar to let's say the Elder Scrolls series.
Or we also don't have adventures like the Kings Quest series.
I don't mean to say that we should do perfect clones of them, but nothing similar to the above mentioned examples does exist and apparently (correct me, if I am wrong) no current developer seems inclined to do something in thoose genres. Monti and Mysteries of the Ancients might be a bit like Tomb raider, but that's not the only style of games we don't have. I know what the mainstream Star Trek games are like. When I foun out about Final Conflict and Trek 2000, I was rather disapointed, that both games did not allow real time space battles, but are turn based. This does not mean, that I hate the two games, but why we don't have any science fiction based game like Star Trek Elite Force 2 or Star Trek Bridge commander with missions (a continuing story) and the option to battle with choosen ships outside of mission and campaign is totally bejond me... Also, as Star Trek and such were mentioned, because other creators have set up the basics already, it is simpler to use it to create a game for, why do we not do it for Stargate instead? I mean, of three announced mainstream Stargate games, one was never published, the second was an online game like an MMORPG (with less RPG but Team vs Team) was released and closed some months later and the third, being an "real" MMORPG, is yet of unknown status. Or one last idea for possible future audio games, when you started talking about Super Nintendo games, what about something like the game Secret of Mana?

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