Hi Thomas,
I know that developing anything is a process where you get experience by doing it and thus you will become better.
But let's take one example.
The Sarah game and Shades of Doom were made with the GMA engine.
Both games already have a 3d audio environment. To get up to par with mainstream games like the current Doom or quake titles would "just" need to add multiplayer support into SOD and release some map design tools to the public (in theory, cause I don't know how the engine works). This is just a thought, but we have developers who have come this far and could advance to the next step easily without probably not much more to get experience in (in the case of you, or David Greenwood as examples), where other developers probably would need more training in this field. This might be a bit of topic, but do you know the two Overlord games (mainstream, pc versions)? Just for a game idea, something like it surely has potential for an interesting audio game... Back to mainstream Stargate for a moment. I have seen, what Stargate Ressistance (the only official licensed SG game) is made of. I had gotten my hands on it trough a friend and I was not interested in playing it myself, but rather to find out what it contains. And when I was able to extract all sounds it became clear that the client of the game was rather poor meaning not much game content and the minimum of canon sounds. Yes, some staff weapons, a stargate which is being dialed inn and the gate opening and closing.
But that's it.
Sadly mainstream Stargate gaming is forgive me the swearing, crap.
The only thing we have are some fan made dialing simulators as only partly accessible Flash applications. The only other thing we have is a really big fan mega mod to Bridge Commander with an optional SG pack, but with poor sound quality. But it was more important for mainstream developers to make Star Trek online, which might end soon, if rumors are true, than to do a ST Elite Force or Bridge Commander like Stargate game with Atlantis and the Destiny included, not as announced future expensive expansions never to come...

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