Hi Shaun,

No offense Dropbox royally sucks. As for what you have to say about
Sendspace is only true if you have a free membership. Someone with a
Pro or max account does not have the issues you are talking about and
here is why.

With a Sendspace Max account I have 100 GB of storage space.Dropbox
doesn't nearly offer that amount of space for storage. With Sendspace
Max it allows up to 8 GB of uploads/downloads per day. Again Dropbox
doesn't even come close to allowing the volume of downloads and
uploads. With Sendspace Max I can keep files as long as I want as long
as I pay the bills.With Dropbox I believe files expire after acertain
amount of time. Those are just some of the reasons why I would find
Dropbox not very desirable for doing this podcast.

Basically, I know you are gungho for this podcast idea, but if you
want us to take you seriously you need to research your facts. No one
likes it if someone who is directing the show doesn't know his but
from a hole in the ground, and from what I've seen so far you are not
the person who should be in charge of the planning. I've read several
of your mis informed post, and I've finally had enough of this
misinformed info you are spreading around. Either get your crap
together or let someone else more competent take over.


On 11/10/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> wow dave this is good.
> I think that clears one thing off my list, we have enough for editers here.
> It would help me a great deal though  if  people started By making
> their stuff as good as they can at the start.
> That is if they can do it.
> Ie their stuff didn't need that much work to produce.
> I think dispite  the level of interest being so low the comments from
> those that are really have inthusiasum  on this thing that we may be
> ready to begin maybe.
> With this reguard we need to put out what is the best thing to do
> with sharing our content.
> My first option is dropbox.
> On the fly editing, etc.
> The pros are we can get things on the fly and edit in realtime.
> The cons, we could have people uploading off topic content.
> One major advantage with the share  is that once shared anyone with
> the dropbox account can onshare.
> Ie I could give someone a shared folder, they accept it.
> Now they can continue to give that share out to whoever they want, we
> would probably have to have a set of rules like most of the test
> folders round the place.
> Another way would be to have either password protected ftp access or
> public ftp for content.
> Public means though people could upload offtopic things.
> However it means that you don't get everything at once, however
> realtime is gone.
> That brings up another point.
> We really need some sort of mirroring system like coral distribution
> network or something or a bunch of users that can support either
> fully or partually the cast.
> Servers go down and 2 or more mirrors are something that may have to go.
> Depending on the space we have to fiddle with, we will have to have
> some sort of time frame where casts are left up and for someone or
> various people to check how much space we are using, etc.
> Then the question arrises if we keep podcasts and work on the same server.
> I know dave meller has 20gb total for our use persay, and that could
> be the work server.
> Ofcause not everyone has an ftp client.
> I have flash fxp and that can handle ftp and sftp but did cost me a bundle.
> There is sendspace to but since links expire and the fact sendspace
> will overload at times it could slow things down some what.
> Ideally the best system is dropbox for what we want.
> We can have folders on the fly, ie a work folder for all work work.
> Maybe a post production folder for done work, a crap folder for all
> the beta stuff maybe that is not done, etc etc.
> and we can do that on the fly.
> We would have to have a few people patrolling to make sure people
> don't delete important files, connflicted coppies excluded, etc, etc.
> We would have to also have a chat folder where text files with
> communication would be sent its probably the best.
> There then  comes the question of communication.
> For what we are doing right now it will work, but  if we want to run
> any thing like skype or msn we will need some sort of  way to have
> everyone that needs to be on at once and that could become a problem.
> My vote if we ever need this is to set a teamtalk server  or have a
> channel in one.
> I know onj has a couple free servers and I can always ask for a
> perminant channel added to one of them if its ever needed maybe anyway.
> Then we need to get what exactly the website will have.
> My initual plan would be a blog with email posting, rss, and maybe a
> way to plug in to facebook and twitter for those that use that system
> since I don't.
> Then maybe a wiki for text articles though I guess we could have
> accounts with the right privs for those that wants to post info etc.
> I am still not sure if we should have our own forums, due to spam
> bots  fouling the audiogames forum I am a bit hesitant.
> Due to klango forums being full of stuff, that and klango not playing
> youtube has pushed me away completely from that network else I'd
> bother with a group though people can still do that ofcause.

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