Dark I completely agree.  I was referring to the concepts over content, but I 
do agree with the impact thing too.  It's just that the impact I've made is 
still worlds away from the community impact of BGT.  I'll get there with time, 
but I'm fully aware of my current standings.  :)

If being totally honest, concepts have been my goal more than content, thus 
far.  If the community is swarming with racing games, someone needs to jump in 
with a fighting game.  In the same spirit, when I arrived I adopted a 
programming goal that's a bit different than most.  That has led to some 
interesting debates and perhaps even arguments at times, but the variety is 
important.  If everyone did things how I do them, it would be just as bad as if 
no one did.  It's all about finding the path least traveled and exploiting it 
for all of its unique benefits.

In this community I've chosen the path of the rapid development guy who is 
pushing new concepts.  While many rightfully choose to hold out for quality, I 
race to supply the community with quantity, in the number of games and 
applications I mean.  Instead of 1 title per year, it is quite a few.  When it 
comes to game concepts vs content, I am choosing to sacrifice longer games in 
favor of getting more ideas out.  I could be mistaken, but I'm hoping that each 
new concept I demonstrate adds to the overall bank of ideas that other 
developers are pulling from.  Perhaps Lunimals has already started some other 
developer working on his own game in the sim genre, or maybe Swamp is going to 
launch a wave of mouse driven games.  I'm doing my best to push us as far away 
as possible from the audiogames = space invaders mentality that was clearly 
pretty prevalent at some point before my time here.  :)

If I reach a point where I feel new concepts are no longer beneficial, I'll 
probably switch gears.  Isf game development continues to grow as rapidly as it 
has been, I'll probably switch out of the rapid game development approach.  If 
I'd arrived to find a community full of rapid prototypers you would have been 
dealing with Aprone, the guy who pushes for higher quality standards.  Wow I 
just realized how long this message probably is!  I'm going to just keep 
filling in where I think the community needs attention, and I do plan to tackle 
hardware as soon as I can.  The prices of devices, and the lack of new ones 
being developed, is ridiculous!  If I'm at all able, I plan to have super cheap 
Aprone-built equipment to replace things like Braille displays, embossers, and 
tactile displays.  And then, of course, I hope others will follow along behind 
me advancing it even more.

Dude I wrote like 4 long paragraphs!  Whoops, I didn't meant to hijack 
Phillip's BGT thread.  In conclusion, Yay BGT 1.1, woo hoo!  :D

> Hi aprone.
> I actually think you have indeed made an impact just in the
> games that
> you've created, sinse they've each offered something rather
> different to
> what was expected in audio before, whether that's the first
> online fps
> (something people have wanted ever sinse shades of doom was
> released ten
> years ago), not to mention mouse aiming, detailed Ai in
> controllable
> characters, An eco simulation (completely new for audio
> games), and mouse action in an arcade game. ---- heck even
> towers of war is pretty unique.
> My only real issue in terms of the games you create, is
> that while the concept and ideas are great and distinctly
> unique, you seem to spend more time adding new concepts than
> content.
> For instance, castaways could've easily run to many more
> missions and job types even just with the gameplay structure
> that is already in place, indeed I'm extremely sorry that
> the game never got to the point where you could run an
> entire town, build a castle and have everyone from sculpters
> to embroiderers to pig farmers. The framework and rules of
> the game are there and it plays exceptionally well, but
> where as a game that could potentially run to hundreds of
> hours of content only runs for a few. the quality is great,
> but the quantity could certainly be improved upon.
> towers of war and daytona fall very much into the same
> catagory, and Temporal stil I believe is in beta phase as
> far as I could determine. I can't speak for Swamp sinse I've
> not tried that really yet, but thus far the only game which
> seems to be utterly complete according to it's concept, ie,
> which has enough content to fill out the great ideas, is
> Lunimals.
> Is this a cryticism? no, as I said the games are awsome,
> but perhaps it's a design point you could considder in the
> future. While I understand the point of having many projects
> on the go at once, ---- indeed your output in number of
> games is pretty staggering! the disadvantage here is that
> some of your games end up feeling shorter than they ought
> to, which given the quality of the games themselves is quite
> a shame really.
> Beware the grue!
> dark. 

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