I agree with Dark here, given the short development time relatively speaking for castaways, given something more like a commercial release schedule, the possibilities are pretty amazing. one thought here is to open the game up for player content by releasing a mission creator, and allowing for the manipulation and creation of new types of characters. with either an open XML file, or better yet, a character and unit editor, you could create new commodities, that could be required to produce a more complex item or building. likewise, you could tie in new characters into the commodities in various ways, the only limit would be the players imagination. for instance, if you wanted to turn castaways into a star wars colonization simulation, you could have a mission where you play the dark side, the ultimate goal being the creation of a death star, but along the way, you'd have to hold off those pesky jedi and their do gooder ways while you mined raw materials to produce the weapons and components necessary to defend and build your ultimate weapon. just one quick possibility there. I think there are a lot of folks out there that would take a design tool like this and really run with it. when i allowed folks to make their own tracks for RR, some of the tracks they came up with blew my mind, stuff i had never thought of using the track creator to do. for me, that was the most satisfying part of RR in the end, seeing folks take the tools i had given them and creating something totally new and fun with them. david greenwood is doing something quite cool with time of conflict by allowing end users to make and change units in a very open ended way, making the game as much a combat simulation creation tool as a game. with just a few man hours of time and some tweaking, making a star wars or magic the gathering war simulation including sound effects is completely possible, and its a brilliant stroke on david's part. this kind of out of the box thinking is what we need in audio games, and once again goes to show the most important ingredient in game making is the designer and their creativity, not the tools the designer is using.
  may the force live long and prosper and all that,

On 11/17/2011 4:25 PM, dark wrote:
Hi chris.

I've agree, and I've heard of aprone's rpg and am looking forward to it.

I personally would prefer castaways to turn into something more like
dwarf fortrass or civ, where you can start from just a few people stuck
on a beach and end up building cities, making luxury goods for trade,
building castles and fortifications and maybe even ships to go to other
lands and extend your holdings, ---- but hay, either or both is a good

The purpose of my message as I believe you gathered was neither to
complain nor to make light of what Aprone has done in the past. It was
just that as the bgt discussion lead aprone to talking about his impact
on audio games, it seemed a good point to bring this up.

All Of aprone's games have broken new ground,s but perhaps none has
broken it as deeply. I'm fairly sure aprone could design a game as
complex and revolutionary with as much replay as lone wolf, entombed, or
any of the other greats, however it sometimes feels as if his projects
are somewhat shorter than they could be.

hopefully he'll considder something more expansive in future, sinse if
all that creativity of his was focused on one thing it could be amazing!

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