As the originator of this debate, it certainly wasn't my intention to knock down what Jeremy has done. I'm quite aware how difficult programming is and that I myself have not yet been able to develope anything.

However, I know being someone who at least does vaguely creative things such as writing and extremely serious music, comments and cryticisms, when phrased constructively can be useful to the creative process generally, ---- Indeed I went off to an extremely intensive music school in summer chiefly for that purpose, to sing stuff I already knew and get people's comments on my performance.

The ultimate decision is of course that of the creator, and he/she is quite free to disregard anything said, ---- at the music school I mentioned there were highly useful comments but also some I decided I didn't agree with, it is stil true that cryticism when thought out reasonably and made in an effort to improve rather than merely an attempt to insult can be helpful.

Heck, some of the ideas in Jeremy's games to begin with came from discussion with players, like the controls in swamp or the priority ai in castaways.

My intention here was just to extend that sort of comment to cover JEremy's hole developement stratogy, sinse personally, while I think his games are exceptional, I think they could be even better if they were longer and more fleshed out.

I hope this explains the reasons for my comments, and also shows that I certainly wasn't intending destructive cryticism at all.

Beware the grue!


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