Jorge, while I agree with your praise for Jeremy, I think it's unfair to say
that people with other opinions haven't had constructive things to say.  One
may disagree with them, which in part I do, but they are valid.  Jeremy's
graceful response speaks well of him.  I don't think we need defend him.

        Chris Bartlett

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Jeremy, i just wanted to tell you: please go on with your projects and 
go on with your own style of development.
In this community the thing the people do best is to criticize without 
presenting any positive ideas.
Your games are a big fresh air on this community and I would love to see 
you going on with your games.
People can say that your games are short but some of them if they had 
the same ideas before, they could easily charge 30 dollars or more.
If they say the games are short, why they didn't come up with the same 
ideas before?
A Fsp multiplayer game only can please the majority of players and why 
noone did that before excepting the complicated case of audioquake?
I understand why some people can be worried about your games because in 
my opinion it's not normal for this community that the best audiogame 
ever produced is still railracer which is 5 years old.
Just my opinions so go on with your games.
Because of my professional life and my small baby, I don't have much 
time to play but when I have some minutes I  enjoy very much your swamp.

Jorge Gonçalves

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