Games we'd like to Play.
by Phil Vlasak.
Fleshed Out Swamp.
In Swamp you play a heavily armed human aiming to kill zombies. And the zombies are all naked. They are all around you, eating the flesh from humans, crawling out of the swamp and trying to get into the safe place.
They all have that vacant stair and have blood dripping from their chins.
As they recognize that you are not one of them they turn aside from eathing flesh, drop the dead bodies and amble towards you with arms raised.
They are all moaning "Levi Strauss ! and Addis!"
You run to the Kay Mart store and find shoes and clothes.
Carrying out the merchandise the store guard stops you.
You must go back and pay for the clothing.
Once out in the parking lot you see a ring of naked zombies surrounding the entrance. They will not let you pass. You throw the shoes and clothing at them and they catch the items and put them on.
They looke down at the shoes and Blue Jeans, smile and say
thank you. and become your followers.


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