Raphael Quinet schrieb:

> * The pages should be easy to bookmark and the URLs should not be too
>    long.  This means that frames are forbidden,

Of course!

> and the systems that  generate dynamic contents using horribly long URLs should also 
> avoided (see the bad examples from Corel below).

There is always mod_rewrite. This way we can "beautify" the URLs, without disturbing 
functionality from the developer side.

> Maybe it could be interesting to have a look at the web sites of the
> companies selling similar products...  You will see that all of them
> are using simple layouts: they do not try to impress people with nice
> HTML tricks; instead they simply list the features of their products
> and provide some simple documentation.

Looking at other pages is always a good idea to get HTML and design ideas from, but 
the design of the new pages should be *totally



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