Christoph Rauch said...

|> I think if we have a redesign there should be a good reason for it.
|> A fersh look is NOT important.  Fresh content is far more
|> important.  Consistency is a *good* thing.
|With a well designed site we could use the "with our software you are able to do
|that too"-effect and attract more potential users to gimp. That may be worth it,
|or not?

Depends.  I'm certainly open to suggestions.  Just don't
want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

|> Marketers will tell you that you have to change the site
|> to make it moer appealing,. [...deleted...]
|I wont go to marketeers. Shes a friend. :)

That wasn't to you; it was a more general thing
for everyone to keep in mind.  I've actually had
friends who were marketers.  They even listened
to me, and I to them.  8^)

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