Hello Miles!

Miles O'Neal schrieb:

> In terms of layout, the gimp site is head and shoulders
> above the vast majority of sites out there now.


> I think if we have a redesign there should be a good reason for it.
> A fersh look is NOT important.  Fresh content is far more
> important.  Consistency is a *good* thing.

With a well designed site we could use the "with our software you are able to do
that too"-effect and attract more potential users to gimp. That may be worth it,
or not?

> Marketers will tell you that you have to change the site
> to make it moer appealing,. [...deleted...]

I wont go to marketeers. Shes a friend. :)

> It actually *annoys* people to go to a favorite site
> and suddenly have to hunt for things.

Yeah. I had that experience 3 days ago...

> [...people love gimps navigation...]

> I know, I know.  Since we're probably going to rewrite
> the site in something less arcane and more known, now
> is the ideal time to revamp the look and feel.  Let's
> just make sure it's worth the effort, and we don't lose
> things - like the top notch menu system, etc.

Will add this to my lists.



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