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On Wed, 23 May 2001 16:07:46 +0200 Christoph Rauch

>> update bookmarks. Backward-compatibility isn't cool. :-) Also, a new
>> navigation structure would really force a new file naming and all.
> a "please update your bookmarks" page would be the best choice, IMHO.

Sure, this would be a more polite way. :-)

> Maybe look at other free software projects websites? For example: The
> documentation section on http://www.php.net/ is a great example for
> functionality but perhaps a bit overcrowded. But I like the annotated
> documentation. Why not have something like that too?

The new php.net design is great! I liked the old one with yellow popup
boxes, too, but this one's the best combination of annotated function
reference, news and feedback and it's free of bloat. The function search
is great. Anyway, the new gimp.org frontpage should have a little
freshmeat-like look, ie large news and a secondary bar for links, polls,
contests and every other temporary information. Check out my mockup on

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