Raphael made a number of excellent points regarding
the site redesign.  I'd like to reiterate some of
them and add something.

|* The new layout should not break the existing URLs.  Many people have
|   bookmarked some pages on www.gimp.org, and many web sites have
|   direct links to the download pages, to the documentation or to the
|   mailing lists page.  So even if the navigation system is redesigned,
|   there should still be something available from the same URLs as
|   today.
|* The design should be fast and clean.  It should support all browsers
|   and should not make excesssive use of nested tables or JavaScript.
|   The current design of www.gimp.org is OK from that point of view.
|   But on the other hand, the GUG site is taking too long to render in
|   Netscape 4 (2-3 seconds of delay for re-displaying any page, because
|   of the nested tables).

They should also work if JavaScript is not available.  Links
should be links - not JS calls!

|* The site should not use cookies unless there is a real need for
|   them.  For example, if the site is built with PHP then it should not
|   use the session-id cookies or any other user-tracking cookies.  This
|   is not needed and it annoys the users who have configured their
|   browser to warn them when the server wants to set a cookie.
|* The pages should be easy to bookmark and the URLs should not be too
|   long.  This means that frames are forbidden, and the systems that
|   generate dynamic contents using horribly long URLs should also be
|   avoided (see the bad examples from Corel below).

I work for a software company whose products handle content management,
personalization, etc.  [It doesn't run on linux, and it's much more
complex and resource intensive than we need, so I haven't pursued
trying to get a copy.]  I've worked on the GUI, in professional services
doing work for clients and in applications.  The above points turn out
to be absolutely critical if you want a really useful site for the vast
majority of users - especially if you care about a wide cross-section
of users from techiphobes to technophiles.

And while I know this is a mind-boggling concept, we should
make sure the pages work even if there is no image delivery.

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