On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 02:58:43PM -0400, Michael Spunt wrote:
> If a user requests a page not available on the server, he / she gets
> redirected to "news", "404", "we have changed" or whatever from where he
> / she can navigate to the required page and realizes that it's time to
> update bookmarks. Backward-compatibility isn't cool. :-) Also, a new
> navigation structure would really force a new file naming and all.

That's pretty poor. Why would I want to update my bookmarks? Because
you are a w1ck3d cool new webmaster? Because you've decided that
downloads go in foo/ and screenshots go in baz/ ?

Please explain to me, a simple web user, why I need the URLs for info
on the Gimp site to change. If there isn't a compelling reason for the
USER then there's no reason at all, is there?

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