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>> update bookmarks. Backward-compatibility isn't cool. :-) Also, a new
>> navigation structure would really force a new file naming and all.
> That's pretty poor. Why would I want to update my bookmarks? Because
> you are a w1ck3d cool new webmaster? Because you've decided that
> downloads go in foo/ and screenshots go in baz/ ?

Why should I update to Mozilla 0.9 or use UNIX? The Microsoft Internet
Explorer 3.0 shipped with my Windows 3.1x is enough for my needs. ;-)
The Gimp world emerges, information changes, the page becomes obsolete
and hard to maintain. Backward compatibility isn't worth that.

Also, noone wants to be a "w1ck3d cool webmaster". A great software
deserves a great page update time up to time and keeping the old crap
won't help much. Maybe you can tell us how to do it without breaking
"backward compatibility", though.

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