On Wed, 23 May 2001, Christoph Rauch wrote:
 > The site-design  neednt be redesigned from scratch. It may be enough to
 > polish it up and remove the "Gimp-standard-script"-look, which was copied
 > all over the web and today has a bit trashy touch. Definitely not a good
 > representation for the greatest graphic program on earth. :-)

Well, if it has been copied all over the web, this is probably a good

Anyway, I agree that the look could be improved and the titles could
be a bit more impressive (but they should still use a common color
palette and they should not be too heavy or too distracting).

But it is very important to have most of the graphics (titles, etc.)
done with a script that is included in the standard Gimp distribution
so that every Gimp user can make the same things with only a couple of
mouse clicks.  Contrary to some companies that have to protect their
image, we do not want to prevent people from copying the look and feel
of the gimp.org web site.  We want the Gimp users to recognize
immediately that the graphics were done with one of the standard
scripts so that they know that they can do the same if they want to.
I would like to hear things like: "Hey, cool, this Gimp program works
well...  I can do the same graphics as they have on their web site and
it is really easy to do with the built-in scripts.  If it is good
enough for them, then the Gimp must be good enough for me."

Of course, a standard script does not mean an old one.  This can be
done by a new script, as long as it becomes part of the standard
distribution in version 1.2.2 or 1.4.0.  By the way, this will have to
be done in Script-Fu and not Perl-Fu because the script should run in
the Windows version of the Gimp (which is probably the version that is
used by the majority of new users nowadays).


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