Raphael Quinet schrieb:

>  > > That's pretty poor. Why would I want to update my bookmarks?
>  > You need not. gimp.org will happily redirect you to the page you wanted.
> Hmmm...  This is better than nothing, but if would be nice if there
> could be some real pages (not redirects) at the following URLs, to
> which a number of other web sites (or user bookmarks) are pointing:

downloads.html = /download/
and so on? different url, but same content. does that confuse the users?

For the deeper nested pages like http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp_system_reqs.html
which are not as often linked I would recommend a redirect.

>  > Because its easier to maintain. We have more possibilities to guide the user
>  > if we use directories.
> Yes.  As long as there are not too many levels (deep hierarchy), this
> should be OK.  But it would be nice if the most frequently visited
> pages could have a very short URL, like the ones listed above.
>  > > Please explain to me, a simple web user, why I need the URLs for info
>  > > on the Gimp site to change. If there isn't a compelling reason for the
>  > > USER then there's no reason at all, is there?
>  > go to http://www.gimp.org/download/
> OK, that directory does not exist and you get a 404 error (which could
> be replaced by a redirect to the correct page).  But where did you
> find a link to it?  The only links that I found are pointing to the
> page (not directory): http://www.gimp.org/download.html

a user could by chance enter that url. wouldn't it be nice to "guess" what he
wanted and present him with the page, or with a list of possible pages instead of
a 404?

> Anyway, that did not answer Nick's question: why would the users have
> to change their bookmarks?

Its up to the user what he does. Perhaps i'm a bit too acustomed to "update your
bookmarks" pages....

We could of course link all the old pages to the new pages, so he wouldnt even
notice. Or even redirect him without explaining, so he would end up on a different
page then he entered. What would be better? I dont know.

Example: Go to http://www.amazon.com/books/ and see where you are after page-load.



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