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On Thu, 24 May 2001 19:11:00 -0400 Tom Rathborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> That's a neat design, but you're doing all this funky stylesheet stuff
> that leaves me with a bad font! Please don't change my font on me!

As I've already written some mails before, the design is nor
significant, nor final, nor useful, I just don't like plain HTML when I
work on something. Sorry for the CSS but it's readable in Opera +
Mozilla under Linux and MSIE5.5 + Netscape 6 under Windows and doesn't
use any "funky stuff". The CSS is also just temporary and "funky stuff"
is yet to come from interface designers! :-)

> Also, what's with this?
>     http://www.technoid.f2s.com/gimp.org/index.php?nav=doc
> A query in the URL for a static document??

[skipped some stuff]

I think you stick to much to the "ugly URL" thing. I've used just one
file for the whole "engine" (if you can call it like that so far)
because I can edit one file to change the whole look. This isn't that
important, only a small detail which can change and isn't worth
discussing! Also, you can make /download/ point to
without letting the user see that. Anyway, I cannot do that with my web

> I have purposely _not_ applied any significant design to the stuff
> I've been working on - I'm expecting someone to come up with a better
> one, eventually. I've just chosen the general geometry of the page.
> Just a matter of changing a few template files.

Same here. Just one template file and a rudimentary design yearning for
changes. :-)

> Actually, in my system, all of my URLs are _already_ nice and
> clean, with full functionality. :)

You are my personal hero, man!

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;-)

> Compare:
> http://www.technoid.f2s.com/gimp.org/index.php?nav=doc&page=tutorials
>     http://wilber.gimp.org:8192/docs/user/tutorials/

Do you know f2s? It is an ISP who also provides free web space to poor
people like me. ;-) I haven't got nor shells, nor CVS nor
something-i-forgot-to-mention, you've got almost root on gimp.org. I
think any comparison is futile... Also, we are wasting time on
discussing stuff like this without coming any further. Maybe your engine
is really "phat" but unfortunately I can't recognize significant changes
compared to the current one.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll possibly get access to MySQL on f2s so you can
test my news code.

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