Raphael Quinet said...

|But it is very important to have most of the graphics (titles, etc.)
|done with a script that is included in the standard Gimp distribution
|so that every Gimp user can make the same things with only a couple of
|mouse clicks.  Contrary to some companies that have to protect their
|image, we do not want to prevent people from copying the look and feel
|of the gimp.org web site.  We want the Gimp users to recognize
|immediately that the graphics were done with one of the standard
|scripts so that they know that they can do the same if they want to.

This will also help with the "branding" cncept.  If we have eppole
using the look and feel all over the place, with GIMP logos, it
will be a big win.  That's one thing I agree with the marketers on!
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