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I see this like Guillermo - creating a new pattern should bring up
the new file dialog, and save the new image silently with an
automatically generated filename and a .pat extension. That way,
when you click on "New pattern", you get a new image dialog which
you handle as usual, and then the .pat "Enter pattern name" dialog
to save the pattern. It could be nicer, but I think that's

You will run into problems as soon as people start to use multiple
layers, channels, layer masks and the like on the pattern image.

Not at all - Ctrl-S or File->Save will go through the pat plug-in which will propose the conversion. It's no more of a problem than if I save something as a pattern now and then add a layer.

The reason why these shortcuts are interesting is because they make
making custom patterns obvious for people who don't want or need to
know about the contents of .gimp-2.0.

I see your point. But you don't really need to know about .gimp-2.0 in order to use Script-Fu->Selection->To Pattern.

I just tried this, and it didn't appear to work. At least, I didn't see my pattern show up in the pattern list after doing a refresh. As I said, that's the easy part, though - making stuff in the patterns dialog act sanely is a little trickier. It would definitely be better to have this script in File->Save as GIMP Pattern though.


Dave Neary

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