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> > Sven, you've been offered a solution -- just add an entry with tab
> > completion.  You may not agree with it, but it's not accurate to say
> > that "noone has made a proposal on how such an entry should be
> > integrated with the current dialog".  Just stick it on the bottom of
> > the dialog, just above the OK/cancel boxes, and Marc and I will be
> > happy to shut up.
> This is not about making you and Marc shut up. This is about designing
> a user interface that works for the majority of users. Whatever we do,
> there will always be someone complaining. I don't really care who that
> is.
> > In what way is "just adding an entry with Tab completion going to
> > ruin the whole thing"?  If it's there, but isn't used, it isn't
> > going to interfere with anything else, is it?
> It does indeed interfere with the rest of the dialog, otherwise it
> would probably have been added a while ago already. But I already
> explained the problems of this approach in another mail that I sent
> last night.

I use gimp occasionally to enhance or rescale photos and I also find it very 
annoying to work with the new gtk file-selector. Imagine the following 
situation: I have 20 photos in a directory and want to rescale them and save 
them to another directory. The open dialog remembers the directory I load the 
photos from, this is o.k. But unfortunately the save as... dialog does not. 
So everytime I save a rescaled image I have to click on the home directory 
button and then click until I am in the correct directory. For me it would 
really be an enhancement if gimp would also remember the directory where 
pictures are saved with save as. (I know that I can create bookmarks, but I 
would still prefer that gimp would remember the directory I saved the last 
image to, because this would save one click).

I also find it quite annoying that there is no line edit widget where you can 
enter the path. In this respect the old gtk file choser widget worked very 
well (it probably was one of the best) and the new one completely sucks. I 
really don't understand why the gtk developers removed it. Why is something 
removed that is apparently useful to a lot of people and is no problem for 
someone who does not want to use it?

Personally, the new gtk file choser widget is the number one reason I try not 
to use gtk apps. For me, usability is making something useful for beginners 
and advanced users and the new gtk file choser definitely gets in the way of 
advanced users that have to different directories quickly. A complex program 
like the GIMP is often used by advanced users and it should also offer a file 
dialog that suits the needs of this people.

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